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My name is Alys Bramwell and heres a brief history of me. During my career as a nurse here in the UK, Germany and Australia with over 25 years experience nursing and caring for people and children in Emergency, Intensive care, General Nursing in hospitals as well as in the community in general practice and working with the homeless and indigenous populations .From all this experience I have gained invaluable experience of dis ease and dis harmony in health.

After completing Usui Level 1 and 2 in Reiki in 2013 and Master . It was whilst working with Reiki that I became aware of energy( although I think Ive been aware of it all my life)!! and went on to study Acupuncture and completed 2 years of study before the course unfortunately ceased. But it was then by studying acupuncture I became aware of the emotional  mind body connection and it intrigued me no end. Not long after this I came across Dolores Cannon and QHHT and after having my own session and clearing up my own emotional issues I became a practitioner completing Level 1 in 2015 and then went onto complete Level 2 in Sept 2016 and was taught by Julia Cannon and Suzanne Spooner. I have since gone on to study an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy.I have also completed Introspective Hypnosis a course taught by Antonio Sangio  which specializes in forgiveness therapy, role change and removal of spiritual attachments. With both of these hypnosis techniques we are also able to do surrogate sessions.

I have also completed a Life between Life Therapy recently and also gained more insight into  combining shamanic hypnosis into my techniques. All of the above give me a thorough foundation and an excellent tool belt to offer you the best service I can to get the best out of your session.

I work in both English and Welsh so happy to work in either language. I offer sessions in person or online as noted. Please get in touch with any questions or queries.


Mobile 07532171961

Email HafanDegTherapy@outlook.com

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