Introspective Hypnosis


This is a method of Hypnosis developed by Aurelio Mejias in Columbia. Luckily now the method is also taught in English by Antonio Sangio. This method of hypnosis combines Ericksonian Hypnosis, Forgiveness therapy, Past life regression, Role change and Spirit releasement or assistance.

As people we store a lot of repressed emotions in our unconscious minds and unless dealt with they can manifest as symptoms in our bodies such as  headaches, pains, cancer, phobias, depression, drug or alcohol abuse to name a few. The emotions may come from this life or others.

Introspective Hypnosis looks into these emotions in our unconscious minds  and the psychosomatic symptoms and its origins thus helping eliminate them as once we understand the origins of these emotions and psychological conflicts the symptoms can disappear.

As with qhht surrogate sessions are also available with method of hypnosis.

This hypnosis can be done in person or online and a minimum of 3 hours must be allowed for a session. I am also qualified and certified to work with  this method of hypnosis.

For a session you will need to prepare by writing a list of characters that have affected you in this life both good and bad, list any health issues and a list of questions you would like answered by your higher self or intuition.

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