Quantam Healing Hypnosis Technique(QHHT) was first developed over 45 years by the late Dolores Cannon, a regressive hypnotherapist, author and collector of old ancient knowledge.I was trained by her daughter Julia cannon and am Certified to practice her QHHT method. With this method of regression in hypnosis clients are guided to what they need to see by their unconscious mind/ subconscious with issues that are currently giving them problems or issues in this life. Sometimes clients are shown issues from this current life other times from past lives. Very often clients experience parallel lives, future lives, life on other planets, being on the spirit side, visiting the healing temple and going through their Akashic records. Every session is varied and individual to each clients needs. I have witnessed amazing sessions and healing and am very proud to offer this service. For a session you will need to allow between 3-6 hours in person only. I can also offer surrogate sessions in qhht where we contact the requested persons higher self during hypnosis to ask for healing if appropriate, this is particularly useful if the family member or friend cannot have hypnosis for example with a history of bipolar or epilepsy or for children as qhht is not suitable for them.

For a session you will need to write a list out of characters or people from this life whom have been good and bad, any health concerns you may have and a list of questions you would like answered by your intuition.

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