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About time I added some testimonials in which are from the last 5 years!!! . I will update the rest of the coming days xxxx

JULY/ AUG 2019 -My session with Alys was far more than expected .As soon as I met Alys I felt completely at ease as if I had known her Alys for years, she was so personable and understanding and I felt completely at ease from the off. I wasnt sure what to expect from the session and was convinced I would not respond to hypnotherapy but before I knew it I was deep into my experience which was amazing and incredibly emotional and freeing. The outcome of my experience resulted in me making some major changes in my life for the better. I cant speak highly enough of Alys and can thoroughly recommend Alys. D.L Aug 2019

AUG 2019- I came to see Alys for a few issues that have been bothering me and wanted some clarification on. My past lives were simple but Im still processing so much of the information and how it matches a lot of this life now. Not only did she ( or myself ) as Alys says help me give up smoking but so much more. This is really an amazing hypnosis technique. Thanks Alys E.R

MAY 2019- I have had some hypnosis before but this was an entirely different experience . Alys very professionally chatting to me in great detail prior to the hypnosis and putting my mind at ease. She helped me find some issues and ” blocks” that had been affecting me and stopping me from moving forward. The higher self part was also profound. Truly what an amazing experience. Thankyou Alys J.J May 2019

MAR 2019 – I was recommended a session with Alys off a friend and she didnt disappoint ,what a beautiful soul she is and she is perfect for this work. She puts you completely at ease and you know you are well cared for and held. I received some wonderful insights and advice of how to go from here. Thankyou Alys Keep doing your wonderful work. J.E Mar 2019

JAN 2019- I just wanted to let you know after the session over a year ago and upon listening to the recording again Im blown away by how much more insight I have now have and how there seems to be more answers from listening to the recording again!. qhht really is a profound hypnosis technique .I highly recommend Alys and this technique to anyone, its amazing C.J Jan 2019

NOV 2018- Am brofiad ,pwy a wyr fod na gymaint o wybodaeth i ddarganfod ac i gyd o fewn yn isymwybod. Faswn yn argymell pawb i fynd at Alys am sesiwn qhht . Welais bywydau blaenorol mwya diddorol . Rargol di petha ddim fel da ni wedi ein dysgu ,anhygoel.Dipyn i feddwl wan ac iw brosesu. Diolch iti Alys seswin rhagorol .E.J Tach 2018

SEPT 2018- How surprised was I to find a qhht practitioner practically on my doorstep. Alys very friendly and has a great way of putting one at ease and professional in every aspect . What an enjoyable experience. Ive gained so much insight its invaluable, I highly recommend a session with Alys. H.R Sept 2018

JULY 2018- I had heard of Dolores Cannon from a few years ago but I had put it aside ,but recently it is something I wanted to delve into again and get some answers and some clarification about certain issues in my lifetime. I was shown a few lives absolutely fascinating. All my answers came through and some wonderful insights into my life .Who knew we had so much information stored within ,thankyou so much Alys you are an absolute star. R.E July 2018

May 2018- I wanted a session for further clarification or insights about things that had happened to me during my lifetime and received clear insight from the lives I viewed and my higher self was clear in helping me understand what my health issues were about and helped me clear those issues. Thankyou Alys your doing a great job M.W May 2018

MAR 2018- What an amazing experience ,I feel so spiritually light , as though for the first time in ly life I am at peace with myself and everything around me. Who knew the answers were laying dormant inside me. I highly recommend Alys and qhht she is an excellent facilitator, completely professional . I have no words! A.W Mar 2018

Feb 2018- It changed my life ,so it will help others .I could never put it into words where I am at now as it would change it. I know that is all thats needed ,wow wow wow!!! It just carries on ….I know Im already helping people. Thankyou. C.J Feb 2018

JAN 2018- I am listening to the recordings and find out as Im opening up more and remembering more and more of what I saw. As Im flowing now with so many realizations ,confirmations, emotions feeling love and now feeling as If Im becoming love. As you can imagine on this magical mystical path we are on ,you cannot put name tags on it on what your seeing, feeling and experiencing .watching close family seeds growing ,realizing and embracing oneness. I feel now Im on a magical mystery tour of my higher self ,feeling so free and light, limited and exited with life.J.S Jan 2018

SEPT 2017- awesome session with Alys .I dived deep into myself and learnt a lot. I found it very powerful and an insightful session,held and guided by Alys with integrity and grace. A very useful session for me. Would love to book another session in the future. Y.C April 2017

April 2017- Things make a lot more sense than they used to, the relevance of current issues Ive had in this life time are uncanny to what I saw and experienced in the lives I saw. During my session there were many of the same people in those lives that are playing out in this present life. I feel now I have a new sense of understanding and how everything makes so much more sense. A truly remarkable experience .I feel much more at peace now with events from this life. Q.M Mar 2017

MAR 2017- Cefais Alys i wneud hypnosis arnaf gyda bywyd blaenorol. Roeddwn wedi ymlacio yn llwyr gydar holl broses. Mae dull mae Alys yn ei ddefnyddio yn llifo gyda camau naturiol or cof. Fues yn ffodus iawn i weld nifer o fywydau blaneorol yn cynnws bywyd fel gloyn byw!. Fuaswm yn awgrymu sesiwn qhht gyda Alys unrhyw bryd gan ei fod yn broses effeithiol iawn dros ben J.E Maw 2017

FEB 2017- My experience with qhht has been truly amazing. Through the session I have discovered so much about who I am and the answers to my health condition .Alys ids wonderful she makes the whole experience so relaxed and comfortable giving confidence to enjoy the whole experience I cannot recommend Alys and qhht enough. A.N Feb 2017

DEC 2016-Cefais brofiad difyr yng nghwmni Alys yn ddiweddar.Cefais brofiad o hypnosis ac mi welai bywydau blaenorol .Ddos ar draws un cymeriad or un or bywadau sydd yma eto yn y bywyd yma. Ces atebion at fy hol gwestynnau ac eglurdeb ir cwbwl. Mae ganddi dalent a ffordd arbenning o wneu hyn. Roeddwn wedi ymlacion llwyr.Mae hin broffesiynol yn ei maes a buaswn yn ei hargymell i rywun. Pob lwc iddi yn ei menter. W.W Rhag 2016

OCT 2016- Alys just wanted to say a massive thankyou for today. You are brilliant at what you do .What a real life changing experience. Thankyou. Very much appreciated. C.A Oct 2016

SEPT 2016 – I recently had a qhht session with Alys and am amazed at the information that came through . Going into it I had no idea what to expect and was feeling nervous yet exited. Alys guided me with complete confidence and great skill. I felt very safe from start to finish and could trust her to see me through this unique experience. I was mainly seeking insight into the issues I was experiencing in my relationship .I was shown 2 other lifetimes ,one as some sort of earth spirit and one as a business man in NYC during the 1950,s. Alys seemed to ask the right questions at the right moments which led me further and further into these experiences. Alys helped me make peace with certain people and situations. She brought me safely out of hypnosis and helped me see the link between what has occured in those lives and what I was currently going through .It all made sense. The healing scan part of the session really blew me away too. All the health concerns Id mentioned were addressed one by one ,but then!, the whole right side of my body started to jerk downwards. When Alys asked my higher self what was happening with that, we were told that the right side of my body was a few mm,s shorter than the other and that is why I had hip, knee and ankle pain. My HS reassured me that I would now be able to exercise without those pains giving me much further trouble.I had forgotten to mention those pains to Alys prior to the session. If you are considering a qhht session then I highly recommend Alys .She is a warm compassionate person with integrity and a wonderful intuitive practitioner of this powerful healing technique. MJ Sept 2016

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