Energy healing reiki


Reiki is a Japanese word which describes the Universal Life Force Energy. This treatment is applied via a hands on treatment procedure . Reiki is a complete system of healing that seeks to harmonize the mind, body and spirit by accelerating the body’s own ability to heal itself physically and by opening the mind to the emotional and mental causes for disease and pain.

During a treatment session ,the flow of energy is typically experienced as warmth ,but may also be felt as a fine tingling, a tremor or even a deep chill. Most people having a reiki treatment become aware of tension dropping away, while the ever chattering mind becomes still. This gives rise to a deep sense of relaxation, and an overall feeling of well being. On an emotional or spiritual level, it is frequently experienced as a tremendous feeling of love and joy ,or as a sensation of release, as old emotional conflicts start to melt away.

Anyone can learn Reiki and experience the rewards of using it on themselves ,families and friends. Reiki is not so much learned, as passed on from the Reiki teacher to the student. Traditionally this is achieved by a combination of teaching(discussions)Initiations(energy attunements) and practical experience. These classes are open to people of all ages and from any background. Reiki is taught at three levels, first, second and then master. I was taught by Roger Weston in Perth, Western Australia in the Usui Reiki method.  Reiki practice is not associated with any specific religious practices or beliefs.

I have gone to develop my own techniques in energy healing and will intuitively work as needed as per client as each clients needs vary.

Typical treatment sessions last between a 1 and 1.5 hours.

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