Spiritual hypnosis

Despite learning clinical hypnosis I have decided not to pursue this path of general hypnotherapy as this is not what Im interested in , although I have gained excellent experience and a good solid foundation. I find the common phobias, addictions do come into play during spiritual hypnosis sessions anyhow, I find these issues or problems are dealt with during these sessions with a much deeper more profound understanding with so much more wisdom and insight and therefore has a higher success rate. So therefore I will only see clients now that are interested in exploring or delving into past lives and the spirit realm.

The spiritual hypnosis I offer are Qhht IH and Life between life therapy as seen on my page. It has been an amazing journey for myself starting out with qhht it has changed my life to a much deeper understanding of myself and the world around me and this is why I feel its important to share these services.

There is no better time at the moment to delve into your inner world and explore those deeper aspects of self .Therefore I will offer a 4 tiered service with an hour introduction to hypnosis to experience hypnosis following 2 sessions exploring past lives and releasing any spiritual attachments (if any are present) and ending with a Life between life as a final session. For me its important to take it step by step as we will inevitably gain more insight and greater wisdom the deeper we delve. For this package I would need to see client s between 7 and 14 days in between sessions. I offer this package for £250.

I will of course still see clients whom specifically just want a Qhht or IH session but for a LBLT session you will need to have had prior past life regression sessions .These can be done online except for Qhht.

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