Life between Life Therapy

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As I continue to expand my knowledge and work in spiritual hypnosis I have also gained more experience to delve deeper into our subconscious mind and completed some further study in Life Between Life Therapy.

Discovered first by Dr Michael Newton a psychiatrist performing past life regressions on clients came upon an aspect of the spiritual world which also help us connect to our spirit guides and soul family at a deeper level. LBLT is based on the work of Newton. He has written some interesting books on his cases including “Journey of Souls” “Destiny of Souls” “Memories of the afterlife”

With this technique it gives us insight to access any state of consciousness beyond this life, particularly those in between incarnations. Everyone s session is different as to your needs. I will help guide you into the spiritual realm deepening your connection with spirit and whatever it is that is needed for your time now. It is an advanced therapeutic intervention to access the life between life lifetimes ,enabling you to heal and gain a greater understanding of your life s path and ways to empower your present. You will gain a deeper understanding of your life path in this lifetime and some fascinating details of your true essence.

From studying and learning this technique I now combine it into general qhht and Introspective sessions as an extra modality and dont offer this separate to those sessions.

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