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So a warm welcome to my new website and blog.

So I have named my business and website Hafan Deg a Welsh name which translates to fair haven in English. And this is exactly what I offer to you a place to improve your health and well being, become the best possible version of you, working through the emotions and blockages that are holding you back. A place free of judgement with your best interests at heart. A place to connect and return all aspects of yourself.

We each hold the power to change anything in a moment. You can rise from anything, you can completely recreate yourself, nothing is permanent, you are not stuck. You have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can learn something new. You can create new habits. It all begins and ends with what we give power to.

Your true self is right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other peoples opinions and inaccurate opinions that you drew as a child that have become beliefs about who you are. Finding yourself is about returning to yourself about who you really are. True happiness comes from within.

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