understanding oneself

So Ive probably conducted around 500 plus sessions now of spiritual hypnosis sessions and as with anything have picked up a lot of wisdom from my clients and about us as a race about who we are why were here and everything else in between. There is nothing quite like exploring your own consciousness I find its vast, and with no end.

So I want to explore and write what Ive picked up in sessions as to why we behave a certain ways when something triggers you? does it come from childhood ? something you picked up from your parents? or a teacher that said something bad to you once at school that found its way into your consciousness that is still having an effect on you now, its an emotional wound that sits in your emotional body waiting for you to look at it ,acknowledge it and understand it. We are led to believe that as we grow up that these things dont matter but I find that they do and can have an enormous influence on your life even the seemingly most trivial of situations. As children we are extremely open and vulnerable and are easily influenced….not every child but most. The good thing is we can visit these situations and get to the root of them and get to understand it from the view point of all parties involved and from a much broader perspective, your soul perspective ….this is how healing occurs with spiritual hypnosis.

We are here to learn emotions thats a given but also to heal those aspects that may cause unbalance in your life. All healing is self healing and something we are all quite capable of doing it never comes from outside of you its all within. Sometimes wounds, traumas are from other lifetimes that we have carried over into this now lifetime and just as easily accessed. Ive had clients that may have a particular ailment say a painful left shoulder that was down to an injury they sustained during a war in a previous lifetime that once its recognised can be released and is no longer an issue for them I see it all the time, just because western medicine doesnt recognise this doesnt mean its not real its all down to belief after all … quite honestly I do believe there are no limits. But we have these self limiting programs that have been installed but are just as easy to uninstall!

So the biggest thing you can do for yourself now I believe is to connect to yourself, to that power you hold within. We have lived in a time that was a very mind based paradigm but as you can see from the outside World these old structures are fast falling away .They have served their purpose for that time but now we are birthing in a new way and are moving into a more heart based vibration . So hold on to your heart it knows the way dont hold on to anything that doesnt feel right for you and forgive .Things change enormously through understanding oneself.

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