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hypnosis -an interaction between consciousnesess

So this gentleman in his 30s has kindly allowed me to share this session .The first section of the hypnosis session went into dealing with some blocks which he had present and once these were seen to we pretty much instantly went into his… Continue Reading “hypnosis -an interaction between consciousnesess”

being human

So this is an extract from a session that a client has kindly allowed me to share; So she came into a scene in what she described as a multi-dimensional cave , where many different species have been on Earth a long time. She… Continue Reading “being human”

understanding oneself

So Ive probably conducted around 500 plus sessions now of spiritual hypnosis sessions and as with anything have picked up a lot of wisdom from my clients and about us as a race about who we are why were here and everything else in… Continue Reading “understanding oneself”

existences far and beyond

So this client has kindly allowed me to share the insights that came from her session. Apologies for the lack of blogs Ive been somewhat busy!! So she immediately came into stunning scene in nature next to a vibrant waterfall with lots of green… Continue Reading “existences far and beyond”

The Great awakening

Interestingly this has been doing its rounds on social media recently and thought I should also share it with you .On the second picture note that qhht…oversoul…higher mind is mentioned😉xxx