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Hafan Deg Gathering 24/11/2019

Just a note to remind those that wish to come,next gathering will be held on 24th Nov. For this gathering were planning on doing a group meditation and regression and making our own yule logs. So you will need to bring yoga mat, blanket… Continue Reading “Hafan Deg Gathering 24/11/2019”

HafanDeg gathering blog 2/2

Ok so this is a continuation of the information we obtained from the HafanDeg gathering held October 2019. So another question that was introduced as to what is happening to the marine animals such as the whales swimming up the Thames, because of the… Continue Reading “HafanDeg gathering blog 2/2”

HafanDeg Gathering Blog information. Part 1.

So this is some of the information that came through from our last gathering in October. Myself and Amanda have been doing this now for several years although we had never met each other prior to qhht we do know each other from other… Continue Reading “HafanDeg Gathering Blog information. Part 1.”

A qhht session about nature and more…

  So this is another session that a client has kindly allowed me to share. Enjoy… At the beginning of the session she was shown a beautiful location in nature with big tall trees ,crystal clear waters and beautiful plants where she could feel… Continue Reading “A qhht session about nature and more…”

Healing for the future…

So this is another extract of a qhht session that a client has kindly allowed me to share, all private matters kept confidential. This client visited me for a session as she felt stagnation¬† in her life and felt stuck and wasn’t sure how… Continue Reading “Healing for the future…”