Healing for the future…

2018-01-02 16.04.52

So this is another extract of a qhht session that a client has kindly allowed me to share, all private matters kept confidential.

This client visited me for a session as she felt stagnation  in her life and felt stuck and wasn’t sure how to go about improving her situation.

Immediately on induction she felt powerful energies and could feel work happening to her head especially around the ears, eyes and heart. For me it is such a humbling experience to witness  people feel this overwhelming  feeling of love, acceptance and our true divine essence, words just don’t do justice…

She was introduced to her guides ,one being a horse and was told that she has an innate ability to communicate with animals and it is something in her future that she can enhance on if she so wishes. She has always felt out of place since she was a child here and never felt she fitted in, but  always felt at home in nature, her refuge. She like many can read people and energies in a room very easily and never understood why people are so cruel to one another….thankfully nowadays empathy is slowly being recognised and I believe taught in some countries.

It was explained to her how she needs to share this love that she has in her heart to others to help with her situation and not to become stagnant and to learn to flow. She was advised to meditate regularly ,to make time for it. She has a strong energy that she will be able to channel and help with, but we weren’t given anymore information on this and told to be patient and that it will unfold in time. Again she was advised to go into nature to ground and connect.

So the main health issues she had were vision (which immediately post hypnosis she noticed a big improvement) . It was said that she had vision impairment because they didn’t want her to be looking too far into the future!. The hypothyroidism she,d had was also to slow her down!, including the  fluid retention in her legs. Her  kidney problems were with her as it was an energetic imprint that she had received from her mum. So it was all fixed during her session as now she has important work to do with channeling energy. She was told to trust and believe in herself.

Another beautiful qhht session that I was honoured to facilitate xxx



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