A qhht session about nature and more…



So this is another session that a client has kindly allowed me to share. Enjoy…

At the beginning of the session she was shown a beautiful location in nature with big tall trees ,crystal clear waters and beautiful plants where she could feel the high vibrational energy from this location,see beautiful colours and rainbow auras around the plants the stones and rocks. She was in awe of this place ,which felt  familiar to her somehow. She stated that this place gave her sacred knowledge and wisdom. She then sat with a tree and conversed with the tree…

She was told the powers of nature are very strong and we need to get that back into our lives, we need to connect back to nature the right way with good intentions and we can use that power and knowledge. We need to connect as much as we can its always there, to help us recharge and feel grounded. Nature needs us  to look after her too. The trees transmit energy back into the chakra roots of the earth and are a communication system who can share great wisdom with us. I asked what the best way to do this and we,ve to spend time with them, admire them for their beauty and “be” with them. Not everyone can feel their energy but its because of their vibrations being lower. Nature vibrates at a different frequency to say cities and charges all life forces. We need to appreciate it in its forms as everything intertwines and when its in harmony its a very powerful place to be.

I asked how we can help as people in those areas that aren’t in harmony , we can try and bring in new life to those places with the right intention ,with the right intention it will thrive. Humans have lost touch with this connection. I asked if our ancestors knew such as the Druids and our earlier ancestors the Celts in this part of the world she stated that yes they knew. She was told we need to teach man about the importance of natures vibrations to us which helps mother nature keep us as one to survive and thrive. We need to appreciate what we have here on Earth.

I then asked what the purpose of the grids are, its mother natures way of keeping us all connected to Earths pulse. There are some lines that are damaged by the disconnected man and greed. In those places we should create nature  with clean water and plants so that nature can thrive again to help raise the vibration…community gardens and such. My client was advised to change careers at this point and to go into conservation to help teach people. We need to join the grids and keep the flow alive again with nature, love and intention. She was told she lives on one of these grid lines and needs to learn to work with it.

I then asked about our waters which I was told carries information and wisdom also. Water also carries sacred information ,energy and memories which we need to learn how to access by understanding how water works as an energy force….just think this planet is 70% water!. Again we were told to have the right intention and vibration and clean energy can charge the water for new life. We can send the intention of love and healing into the water just as Emotos experiments have proven. Ancestrally think of our healing wells here in Wales and rest of the UK. We have to be at ONE for this to work, our vibrations need to be right, we have to feel this vibration. We need to step out of the ego and step into our soul/heart self. Many many people need to start doing this. We were told that the water also helps charge the grids, which can carry the intention to the grid….which is why my client lives in Wales now! She has this knowledge inside her from previous times. Water gives energy to the stones and helps transfer the vibrations to these stones (think Avebury). Quartz stones and rocks also help charge the energy grids and water. Excellent water sources are the yin waters ,waters from deep within the earth a very  powerful life force.

We then went onto ask about some of our old ancient texts here in Wales (Red book of Hergest and the Black book of Carmarthen) that yes they understood the balance of nature. I asked if all the information was there and was told that parts of it has been hidden for protection because of mans greed. This is sacred knowledge that only a few pure people will be allowed to know in the future. I then asked about Iolo Morgannwg about the legitimacy of his work ,and yes  he was bringing in spiritual knowledge from other dimensions.  I asked why the Oak Tree is important on this island especially to the Druids its because it is more deep rooted into Gaia. The Romansduring the invasion wanted to breakup the grids when they chopped the Oak trees on Ynys Mon for instance.

She was told one of her main purposes at this time is to help Gaia.We need to turn our Wi-Fi off in nature as it disturbs the vibration(again Ive been told this in numerous sessions) Our ancestors across the globe knew how important nature was to them and knew everything was inter-connected. We have been through a time that we lost that connection but we can change this individually by appreciating and going out to nature and reconnecting.



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