HafanDeg Gathering Blog information. Part 1.


So this is some of the information that came through from our last gathering in October. Myself and Amanda have been doing this now for several years although we had never met each other prior to qhht we do know each other from other times it turns out!, at first we started with qhht sessions which helped us understand the World  and the Universe a whole lot better…helping us understand our issues, where our problems came from etc etc.We never know who will come through we trust and receive the answers we need for the time…baby steps and all that!!!…so for the first time last gathering we did it  with an audience,a first for us but it didn’t disappoint.

We were told there was a good energy in the room between us all an energy that is needed now a jigsaw!!. We were told there are many waking up now and a bit lost and are unsure of who to talk to about it( door is open anytime here xx Alys xx)

So I asked how can we help those people and the advice given was for us to speak up a bit more …those of us who have gone through this, to gather together more, unfortunately theres  a great shame with anything spiritual ( a term they don’t like to use either/or myself for that matter!) a stigma from the past in many lifetimes  where people were pushed out of society for believing in more than a physical body, so now people are beginning to understand that the physical body is just a carriage to be here not actually who you are. Many are fearful to speak of this.

We went on to answer some of the peoples personal questions and queries within the gathering. Jesus stepped in at this point and has always been quite funny …nothing like you expect!!!!…We were told of some whom had a strong pink energy, others had come in as rainbow beings!! a gift of being able to switch energies /colours to suit the situation or person they are with, very adaptable, these people work well with kids…but he went on to say that he hates labels!!!! Another question that came through was how do we activate the leylines?,they are active we just need to connect to them and youll know the tools your supposed to use as youll be attracted to them. You don’t have to necessarily use tools just connecting with your intention will also work. More and more are being activated with the expansion its just a matter of connecting in. At this point he went on to say that we need to look after our trees ,that they are very important they hold a lot of wisdom and to be with them as often as we can they will share their wisdom with us, as they hold the wisdom of the Earth….the truth are in the trees. They should be more honoured than what they are and protected. There are trees here that are older than what you actually know and rocks are another good resource  so if you wanted to know about the earth and ancestors and practices they are also stable and come with a wealth of information. He stated we needed to ground ++,use earth energy to ground as we are here in a physical body ,that on its own is huge, you need to ground to the physical earth, and connect to it …remind people to use the Earths energy to help that she is emitting out to help us….its so important, nature, earth, trees, rocks,water  its all so important, connect to it all and you will connect to us so much easier, its like a circle…get into nature, get those socks and shoes off, get your feet into the mossy ground and water,doesn’t matter if you get wet or dirty or cold ,we have evolved into disconnection unfortunately. This is what the awakening is about …about BEing a being of Earth.

Another question that then came about was how we should be working with water… Water is powerful and can be imprinted  with whatever energies you intend.You can imprint it with whatever you want. So for example if your drinking a glass of water if you put the intention of healing into it, it will do so. I asked if it happens straight away yes ,  if you put the intent with  more time then it will be more powerful, the more effect it will have. Water is life and it is very important to recognise that and its power are phenomenal as without it we wouldn’t be here and it is literally like information that will affect all around you, for example when people are worried about flooding that’s an intention put into water to do so, the water takes on that information, changes its molecules, it changes its whole dynamics and that’s what will happen….see how they make you worried about flooding…you do it to yourselves!!!End the separation of them doing that to you! your doing it to yourself…..and that is a big part of awakening, recognising your responsibility to it all…….

I will leave you with this information for now,Part 2 coming soon, there was way  too much info for one  blog!!xxx



2 Comments on “HafanDeg Gathering Blog information. Part 1.

  1. Really interesting and fascinating to read and the session sounds like it was very powerful x😁👍


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