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My musings

So with all that’s going on at the moment I thought Id share some of my perspectives…. The world as I have come  see it  is a stage ,we are the directors, the writers and the actors of this great play that we call… Continue Reading “My musings”

Y mwg llwyd

  So Ive decided to write this blog in welsh as the session was…. Ddoth y ddynas yma ataf yn bennaf I holi am ei phroblemau iechyd ac I ddarganfod mwy am ei hun. Yn gerddor ,gweithio mewn proffesiwn prysur ,Mam a gwraig. Ar… Continue Reading “Y mwg llwyd”

The Guest House

This is a lovely poem that I feel inclined to share by the poet Rumi a Persian 13th Century poet…(something for us all) THE GUEST HOUSE This human being is a guesthouse Every morning a new arrival A joy, a depression, a meaness Some… Continue Reading “The Guest House”

We are all made of stars

So this is a session that another client has kindly allowed me to share. This gentleman had come for some answers as he had recently started remembering and or questioning life in general ,quite a left brainer an Engineer by trade and quite scientific.He… Continue Reading “We are all made of stars”

The peaceful chief

So this is a snippet of a session that a client has kindly allowed me to share. She came for some answers regarding her life. Once under trance she was shown a life time as a Chief to a Sioux tribe in native America,… Continue Reading “The peaceful chief”