We are all made of stars

sky space milky way stars

So this is a session that another client has kindly allowed me to share. This gentleman had come for some answers as he had recently started remembering and or questioning life in general ,quite a left brainer an Engineer by trade and quite scientific.He was curious and had doubts as to whether this side of reality was real or not. He had researched Near Death Experiences(NDE,S) lately and well wasn’t sure…He had always had the ability to read peoples energy kinaesthetically since childhood… could tell if people were lying ,what the atmosphere in the room was like ,could feel peoples pains and discomforts.

So post induction he immediately went to a place that he had visited during meditations a black void of nothing and everything at the same time ,a place where he felt a part of everything .He felt light and warm and was completely weightless and described hearing a gentle hum or vibration in the background. Here he felt expansiveness, beingness and oneness. In the distance he saw a light, a star and then realised he was that star. He stated it was nearing the end of being that star, it was expanding, he felt sad that he was leaving his existence as that star. He described friends there with him(guides) who were there to help him through this process. He felt sad as he felt it had expanded too soon and his life as a star had been too short. He described life as a star as being love, light warm and complete acceptance. He stated that stars are close to the source, after expansion stars  recreate and transform.

At this point I contacted his soul self and asked the question he wanted answers for. I asked why did he need to revisit his time as a star? its was to show him how everything is connected ,to understand how everything is one. I asked what his purpose was at this time on Earth, he just needs to BE ,I asked if he had a specific energy he,d come in with this time and they stated yes he needs to keep positive as he,s forgotten who he is. He needs to emit more positivity which in turn spreads to those around him . This is why he was sent here for a qhht session to remind him!. They stated he needs to release stress. I went onto ask about his health mainly his chronic Urticaria (he was on copious amounts of medication) which had severe side effects. I asked what was causing this  to him ?they stated he still had held onto the sadness emotionally of the star expanding as he felt it had happened before its time. After today his stress will be released and he needs to forgive for what happened. I asked if his skin would improve and they stated that his medication as his symptoms will improve and  he,ll be able to start weaning them which in turn will help improve his digestive issues which was caused by his medication. He was advised to let things go, the importance of forgiveness ,and they stated he would understand more after today. He has had many, many lives here on Earth but had forgotten. He has volunteered to be here at this time with the expansion currently happening on Earth and further afield, although he wants to go home at times as he finds the energy  dense at times even though its over in a second!.

I went onto ask questions about his family .All is forgiven between him and his Dad, his Mum is part of his soul group and they will help her give up smoking(one of his concerns) Answers were given about his siblings one sister also part of his soul group. His wife was described as being a great benefit for him, I  asked why she suffered from debilitating migraines and its because she also held onto stuff and needs to let go ,I asked if they could help today and help her remotely they stated theyd done what they can. I asked what can we do when we hold onto stuff/emotions…need to forgive and use our breath and breath deeply and let go. Him and his wife had had a miscarriage several years ago and wanted to know more. It was all planned for growth which had brought him and his wife closer together. I asked where that soul was now and it has reincarnated elsewhere in the family. It was also an experience for  that little soul that was pre planned.(nothing is by chance).I then asked about his eldest daughter, she is also a starseed and a part of his soul group, she is like him an empath and her energies improve the vibrations around her. She is extremely scared of loud noises and I asked if we could help her with this?,its part of her soul contract and something she needs to learn to control her abilities. She is here to help everybody and feels and lives from her heart. I asked about their youngest child and he is here to learn from his older sister. We then went through a list of friends he wanted to know about including a deceased friend, who is currently reviewing his life after crossing over ,and it seems hed learnt all he needed to learn during that incarnation. Another friend was here to learn from my client. I asked about 2 specific people that were particularly hard to be around and made his life a living hell at times. They stated it was put there by him to learn from! So if he is more positive around these types of people then they’ll respond positively back.

I asked why he suffered from depression and anxiety ,and its because he doesn’t want to be here ,but he will understand after today that its not for ever! My client stated that when he listened to binaural beats during meditation  he gets a headache and this was explained as his third eye cleaning itself,which hes doing well with and to keep at it. He remembers a time when he clearly heard someone swearing in his ear I asked what this was and it was a negative entity but to not be scared of it just a lower vibration. I then asked about his pet cats and yes one had saved their daughter as a youngster from getting hurt which is his daughters guide. Another pet cat was his guide in this lifetime and has been with him for many lives.

He wanted to know why he sometimes develops an instant dislike to someone,its his intuition which he should listen to more. I asked how does one distinguish between the mind(ego) and intuition? to which they said he will know deep deep down and to trust it. He stated as a child he used to see spirits and asked if this ability will return to which they said yes if he wants it .I asked if hes on track with his soul purpose,its important for him to deal with stress, to mediate,(theres no wrong way of meditating, if it feels right then its right).I asked whats the black void he sees during meditation with a light in the distance and its another vibration/dimension that he travels to when hes out of body but remains connected,he should go explore more!I asked if they could explain this place in more detail…they said its a place where anything exists a playground, what you think you create here instantly ,with practice. I asked if this is something we can do here on Earth? we can  to a fashion but its a different density here. If you truly want something and trust it will be then it must manifest. I asked if he could stop smoking …to which they said it is done and can be released today. He is to take better care of his body eat whatever he wants in balance and moderation little and often. He wanted to know of the time he saw his grandad and he just wanted to visit him. To meet his guides he,s to meditate and keep opening his mind.He has many guides.

So I asked how things are going on Earth and the universe presently ,the old paradigm is falling away but is fighting to remain in control. I asked if we could manifest a more harmonious place and its already happening with pockets of people co-creating a more balanced life in peace and harmony ,the vibration is already shifting and the Schumann resonance high. I then asked about his energy field how it works, and if he remains positive then this energy automatically transfers to the next person from 1-2 to 4 and so on, a domino effect. There are many like him with more and more coming.

I then asked them for a body scan they stated there was inflammation everywhere ,the digestive tract they were fixing now and an inflammed knee is now repaired. I asked what a good way for him to destress was, going to nature (good for everyone),to release stress and forgive .Relaxation in meditation helps to open the mind more and allow for more information exchange.

His reaction after the session was utter shock, disbelief, tranquility and peace. He remembers little of the session but will listen to the recording after. Another beautiful qhht session that I was humbled to be a part of. Thank you.





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