My musings


So with all that’s going on at the moment I thought Id share some of my perspectives….

The world as I have come  see it  is a stage ,we are the directors, the writers and the actors of this great play that we call life. What Ive come to learn that through our many incarnations or experiences we come to learn our various lessons, some for our personal soul growth others for a bigger picture such as the collective consciousness,s lessons and all of its connected to the source, great spirit or god, just as our Celtic ancestors here on these Islands understood that everything was interconnected to this great spirit or annwfn.

I feel they recognised that nothing was separate….Taliesins poetry seems to hint at incarnation quite extensively. There then seems to have come a point that we moved away from this inter-connection to all things forgetting our true essence and our own innate wisdom and power which is all around us….giving it away… Whether we remember  or not in this now separate lifestyle that we especially in the West live by ultimately we  forgot, allowing power and greed to separate us.

Collectively  I believe we chose to go down this root of separation so that we could learn our lessons of playing the crooks, the healers the saints and the sinners….and believe me we all have…its taken me several years to confront and deal with these aspects of my soul…even though its  not in my now character as Alys …they were never the less a part of my bigger soul aspect….and forgiveness and  acceptance is vital for anyone to move on and see the bigger picture.

We do have to work on our issues, judgements of self and others ( no getting away from it)!! when others judge you is it something within them that they indeed need to look at? and also something that you may still be holding onto ? we are mirrors to one another after all.

Within our body we carry emotional memories which become blocks not only from this lifetime but from others, if theres an aspect that is blocked, you,ll feel pain and problems if not looked at. During hypnosis/reiki  it can be released especially when we go back to its original source….(Very powerful) try it in meditation too….your body is your messenger. You really are that powerful and everything you need is within.

During this amnesia we have truly forgotten our true essence but now there is a huge shift on the planet as thousands are starting to question this illusion of separation of the main narrative we are deceived to be in….I do believe that we are stepping back into our personal sovereignty and its quite a time to be here!, but just as we all need to look at our personal stuff its also happening on the big stage….I do believe a lot will come to the surface…..but have it in the back of your head that we have played the good the bad and the ugly each one of us….

Our true history lies within our “junk dna”! just waiting to be re-discovered and explored. Mankind is taking a quantam leap ….

So just as was channelled in a gathering last year  these wise words were spoken..

“So if you can imagine the Sea and the fish haven’t explored a certain part of the Sea and you cant see the end of the Sea. You are the water , the fish, the Sea your all of that. The water expands beyond what you can see as is your consciousness…forever expanding”

“It will keep expanding ,going and going theres no end to it ,expanding out into the darkness. We are the darkness ,we are the light there is nothing to be scared of ”

Lets keep expanding together as we are unconditional love ,we are all in this together.




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