being human

So this is an extract from a session that a client has kindly allowed me to share;

So she came into a scene in what she described as a multi-dimensional cave , where many different species have been on Earth a long time. She described the person she was talking too as a tall male with long white hair wearing a long gown. She noticed markings on the floor of the cave embedded in the rock floor with some standing stones in a circle for people to stand behind . She counted 12 stones in total.

This man (Yosaf) stated that this place had a particular vibration that help them travel to other timelines dimensions and parallel universes. But he stated that it had gone to the wrong hands and had been used to manipulate for the wrong purposes , that it particularly had affected Australia. He stated that they were used as labrats. My client stated that that it felt like a vacuum -opening and closing and that it changed consciousness using thought process. He went onto state that thought process,s can be very powerful as they implanted thought process onto people as in feeling of unworthiness, debt, need etc . He stated that they used money as a tool for control as many things.

Once outside the cave in the green nature he went on to state that this present timeline is the best timeline to be on now. Many souls have done this timeline previously on other planets. Many have done it before. You are bringing consciousness and light to the darkness ,bringing love to it…a walk in the park for many of you….just being here makes it happen….helping people realize their connection to spirit. Just like the root of the tree when you are in the dark you become so focused on who you are on earth that you forget about the bigger aspect of yourself….no one is comfortable with knowing how powerful you actually are. It is important for you to go inside and explore you inner self ,yes it may be uncomfortable to view those aspects of yourself that you may not want to, but the rewards are incredible. It is good to push the ego aside when you are looking at yourself for example say “ego” my friend I need time to look within.

In the 3D you have forgotten who you are but with the increased vibrations that hit the planet you start to remember who you are and in 5D you will learn again of your potential and of who and what you are and capable of. He went onto give an analogy of a spinning top to allow it to spin itself, but to not be afraid to express your emotions in a healthy way ,in anger punch the bed or go for a walk. Dont bury anything ,weve been made to feel ashamed of who we are. The Human race is sooooo powerful ,you are warriors. You can become anything with powerful focus you can manifest, just feel it ,start living it with good intention. Be comfortable with who you are. There is always rejection energy with humans. Learn to ride the waves of vibrations and have fun with this energy ,enjoy it. Enjoy being human in a body, dance ,sing. he stated there is implanted energy in nature in trees there is knowledge ,rocks help absorb energy. Be yourself!

He went on to state its important for myself and others to help people recognise and feel the power in themselves ,empower them -open doors help them see their own capabilities and abilities. teach them. Connect to your body, thank your body it is not separate from you it can hear and feel and will respond accordingly, be grateful. If the body feels rejected then an issue will become a bigger issue. Help people feel their power within ,be it in meditation which comes in many forms even washing the dishes for some. Learn to relax within your body , with no expectations. learn to feed your light to help it shine brighter.

Break down fears of ghosts etc ,there is nothing to be scared of. This is a program of fear that has been added to your thoughts ,another belief installed to keep you in fear. Every one of us need to question beliefs where they originate for you ,you should look beyond the walls of belief by looking within and see the potential you have as a race when you work together. We are now seeing the breakdown of this old consciousness and construct as souls become aware of their inner power. To close my client was shown dark patches billions upon billions of universes away that were being affected and shifted into higher vibrations from what is currently happening on Earth….learn to find that inner knowing xxxx.

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