Australian mystery school


So this is some of the information that recently came through in a qhht session which may be of interest to you . My client was shown a life as an Indigenous Australian in the outback in a mystery school where she and others were shown astrology,how to live and work in harmony with nature, how to work with earth energies, animal energies, plant energies and work with stones and crystals to name a few subjects. They had a very simple life learning from their teachers,ancestors and other beings from other planets which my client told me were like the ones in the picture above. She stated that they were here to help and show them.

She was reminded of the strong energies she holds within and was told to work with these energies emitting from her hands and  that they are very strong energies and that she a lot of knowledge to share.(my client was unaware of this).She was reminded to hold on to some of her crystals she had as they would help guide her. Around the camp fire one night she stated the Kangaroo energy was strong described as white energy (which she stated meant that something good was going to happen),which will make people happy and relieved. It was advised that now is an important time for people to come together in unity and to believe in each other. She was advised to connect to nature, connect to spirit and the sun.

In this mystery school they were taught stories from their Elders and of a long time  ago and the importance of listening to these stories from our ancestors. I asked what songlines meant as when I lived and worked in Australia myself I heard the Indigenous people talk of songlines…and was explained that it means uniting, coming together in strength. One of the elders around the fire wanted people to believe in higher beings of the universe ,that she sees them and they are helping and watching all the time. I asked how they travelled down to earth to which she explained that they travel in light energy. It was explained that they help by bringing in goodness and positive energy and that they have a lot of love for humanity, nature, rebirth and kindness.

She stated that they were meeting other tribes ,to make plans, celebrate as the stars were saying how we need to get together now an important time to gather. She was told by her soul self to use her hands for healing as she has strong energies, to work with earths magnetic grid/leylines. She was advised to work with these earth energies to reopen them and to visit sacred sites and to go dousing.

Another interesting session many sessions lately involving our ancestors….I feel they knew a lot more than we do in this current time.

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