Some recent developments provided v qhht session.

2015-08-08 14.04.41So this is a recent session that a client has kindly allowed me to share some information revealed when speaking to her soul self during a qhht session which I feel may be relevant to us all. So once she got her answers I delved into other things…

The advice we were given was to be outside in nature as much as possible at the moment because of the interference from wireless technology within our homes and workplaces and to enjoy the suns rays. I asked if the sun had changed since my childhood which Ive heard of to which her higher self stated that it had and that the rays from the sun now help upgrade our DNA. She stated that more and more people will begin to notice nature as it will be more pronounced. The vibrations are changing and we may notice feelings of negativity and positivity changing quite drastically at times, it is normal don’t be alarmed it will pass. If you do see someone struggling please support them. She stated that the negative programme that we have been under is changing hence the turbulence….but this lifting of this negativity is having an effect not only on Earth but way out further in the Universe. I asked about the event to which she stated that the main waves have been and were now going through some smaller waves.

I asked about the economics as to what to expect to which she replied that yes it is inevitable to collapse but will be done in a slow purposeful way and to expect change within our financial systems. This change will inevitably bring communities together as we will have to help one another. She stated Don’t panic .Have faith. You are provided for.

We then went onto chat about the leylines, earth energy and sacred sites (an interest of mine)!To which she stated that the energy needs to be awakened again ,which can be done with good intentions ,good thoughts and positivity at these ancient sites. It was stated how important it is to be at these sites during peak times(solstices and such) as we will see a lot of how things were(ancient times)and how it will be….She elaborated that it would be good to have children at these sites as they bring in a different energy to us adults.

I was told of an energy a pure form of energy above ground that resides within our home that is inter-dimensional….3 to 4 dimensions! which was explained as a very strong powerful energy that enlightens, detoxes, and cleanses. I have suspected something there for awhile but wasn’t sure what! till today!. I was told I can immerse myself in this energy and take it with me to these sacred sites, even bottle it!! She stated that I will know what to do…so I have a few ideas brewing!.She stated that this energy is from mother earth which goes through leylines, earth, land and the sky like a vein from mother earth she explained it as, and that now we are aware of  it can be released….I then asked about portals she stated that the stone circle here in town has not been opened in a longtime  and is also linked to this energy, which is why there are different frequencies and timelines running through the house….interesting stuff. I was told to trust what I sense and feel. I think that goes for us all.

She stated that some souls are struggling with the changes ,their beliefs are too strong too change but its fine its their choice. She advised us to ground and to send our love to mother earth as this will be the first time that humanity will ascend with earth. This has been tried before but failed. I asked when will we find out our real history, it  will come out in small doses she explained. She stated that we are the greatest show in the universe presently and many are watching and learning!!!!


2 Comments on “Some recent developments provided v qhht session.

  1. Definitely something to think about. That was a very informative session. Thankyou for sharing. X


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