being human

So this is an extract from a session that a client has kindly allowed me to share;

So she came into a scene in what she described as a multi-dimensional cave , where many different species have been on Earth a long time. She described the person she was talking too as a tall male with long white hair wearing a long gown. She noticed markings on the floor of the cave embedded in the rock floor with some standing stones in a circle for people to stand behind . She counted 12 stones in total.

This man (Yosaf) stated that this place had a particular vibration that help them travel to other timelines dimensions and parallel universes. But he stated that it had gone to the wrong hands and had been used to manipulate for the wrong purposes , that it particularly had affected Australia. He stated that they were used as labrats. My client stated that that it felt like a vacuum -opening and closing and that it changed consciousness using thought process. He went onto state that thought process,s can be very powerful as they implanted thought process onto people as in feeling of unworthiness, debt, need etc . He stated that they used money as a tool for control as many things.

Once outside the cave in the green nature he went on to state that this present timeline is the best timeline to be on now. Many souls have done this timeline previously on other planets. Many have done it before. You are bringing consciousness and light to the darkness ,bringing love to it…a walk in the park for many of you….just being here makes it happen….helping people realize their connection to spirit. Just like the root of the tree when you are in the dark you become so focused on who you are on earth that you forget about the bigger aspect of yourself….no one is comfortable with knowing how powerful you actually are. It is important for you to go inside and explore you inner self ,yes it may be uncomfortable to view those aspects of yourself that you may not want to, but the rewards are incredible. It is good to push the ego aside when you are looking at yourself for example say “ego” my friend I need time to look within.

In the 3D you have forgotten who you are but with the increased vibrations that hit the planet you start to remember who you are and in 5D you will learn again of your potential and of who and what you are and capable of. He went onto give an analogy of a spinning top to allow it to spin itself, but to not be afraid to express your emotions in a healthy way ,in anger punch the bed or go for a walk. Dont bury anything ,weve been made to feel ashamed of who we are. The Human race is sooooo powerful ,you are warriors. You can become anything with powerful focus you can manifest, just feel it ,start living it with good intention. Be comfortable with who you are. There is always rejection energy with humans. Learn to ride the waves of vibrations and have fun with this energy ,enjoy it. Enjoy being human in a body, dance ,sing. he stated there is implanted energy in nature in trees there is knowledge ,rocks help absorb energy. Be yourself!

He went on to state its important for myself and others to help people recognise and feel the power in themselves ,empower them -open doors help them see their own capabilities and abilities. teach them. Connect to your body, thank your body it is not separate from you it can hear and feel and will respond accordingly, be grateful. If the body feels rejected then an issue will become a bigger issue. Help people feel their power within ,be it in meditation which comes in many forms even washing the dishes for some. Learn to relax within your body , with no expectations. learn to feed your light to help it shine brighter.

Break down fears of ghosts etc ,there is nothing to be scared of. This is a program of fear that has been added to your thoughts ,another belief installed to keep you in fear. Every one of us need to question beliefs where they originate for you ,you should look beyond the walls of belief by looking within and see the potential you have as a race when you work together. We are now seeing the breakdown of this old consciousness and construct as souls become aware of their inner power. To close my client was shown dark patches billions upon billions of universes away that were being affected and shifted into higher vibrations from what is currently happening on Earth….learn to find that inner knowing xxxx.

understanding oneself

So Ive probably conducted around 500 plus sessions now of spiritual hypnosis sessions and as with anything have picked up a lot of wisdom from my clients and about us as a race about who we are why were here and everything else in between. There is nothing quite like exploring your own consciousness I find its vast, and with no end.

So I want to explore and write what Ive picked up in sessions as to why we behave a certain ways when something triggers you? does it come from childhood ? something you picked up from your parents? or a teacher that said something bad to you once at school that found its way into your consciousness that is still having an effect on you now, its an emotional wound that sits in your emotional body waiting for you to look at it ,acknowledge it and understand it. We are led to believe that as we grow up that these things dont matter but I find that they do and can have an enormous influence on your life even the seemingly most trivial of situations. As children we are extremely open and vulnerable and are easily influenced….not every child but most. The good thing is we can visit these situations and get to the root of them and get to understand it from the view point of all parties involved and from a much broader perspective, your soul perspective ….this is how healing occurs with spiritual hypnosis.

We are here to learn emotions thats a given but also to heal those aspects that may cause unbalance in your life. All healing is self healing and something we are all quite capable of doing it never comes from outside of you its all within. Sometimes wounds, traumas are from other lifetimes that we have carried over into this now lifetime and just as easily accessed. Ive had clients that may have a particular ailment say a painful left shoulder that was down to an injury they sustained during a war in a previous lifetime that once its recognised can be released and is no longer an issue for them I see it all the time, just because western medicine doesnt recognise this doesnt mean its not real its all down to belief after all … quite honestly I do believe there are no limits. But we have these self limiting programs that have been installed but are just as easy to uninstall!

So the biggest thing you can do for yourself now I believe is to connect to yourself, to that power you hold within. We have lived in a time that was a very mind based paradigm but as you can see from the outside World these old structures are fast falling away .They have served their purpose for that time but now we are birthing in a new way and are moving into a more heart based vibration . So hold on to your heart it knows the way dont hold on to anything that doesnt feel right for you and forgive .Things change enormously through understanding oneself.

existences far and beyond

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So this client has kindly allowed me to share the insights that came from her session. Apologies for the lack of blogs Ive been somewhat busy!!

So she immediately came into stunning scene in nature next to a vibrant waterfall with lots of green foliage around her .Immersed in the water she began seeing beautiful colours swirling around her greens, yellows, oranges ,white, pinks ,purples and was then taken into a dark tunnel and stated that she was flying at warp speed and could see Earth behind her as she zoomed to outer space to the dark which she described as quiet, peaceful a deep blue black colour with some golden threads or energy here and there, she described is as peaceful place where time ceased to exist ,so I let her enjoy this serenity for a good few moments before she was told to move on again.

She was then directed to a green coloured planet ,as expected lots of greenery and nature. Here she was introduced to some blue beings with big friendly metallic blue eyes ,she stated she felt safe and could feel their love and friendship. She noticed they wore big golden cloaks and had 3 or 4 fingers and were extremely tall beings. With this they showed her inside a cave with many symbols carved into the walls (my client was instructed to remember these symbols post hypnosis) …she rock wall then opened up to reveal a door and some kind of craft or ship. She noticed on the floor some colours in a circle flashing ,she stated it felt quite clinical but again was not threatened or scared. Looking into their eyes again she felt complete love and calmness as she was shown into a healing bay with a healing bed and lay on the bed as a glass lid shut down on her .There were 3 of them and they communicated telepathically there was no need for words .As the glass compartment closed she felt no pressure no pain(as she does a lot in her daily life here) they explained that healing just happens on this bed -every pain be it emotional or physical just goes away in minutes. I asked if this technology is available on Earth they stated that yes it is and asked when would we be seeing this tech very soon was the answer. My client was then escorted out of the ship and the cave back to the outside and it was then she realized that they were Arcturian and that she knew them well. She thanked them before continuing on her journey again whizzing through the asteroid belt and back to Earth at this point she exlaimed she loved nature and animals and thats why she came back.

So back in the waterfall she noticed a lot of animals around her from owls to eagles to mice, fish, butterflies, dragonflies and a smiley rabbit! They animals explained to her that they are here to show her the importance of being happy and to do your own thing just as they do theirs with no judgement, to not believe everything you hear ,to go with your guts and feelings. So she followed the rabbit down a hole and further down the tunnel was shown some more symbols, some Egyptian hieroglyphics by a blue headed half human form giant, it seemed he was guarding a particular symbol and would not let us view this symbol, I asked what was so important about this symbol to which he replied it had turned bad had been manipulated to keep humanity enslaved. He stated it would show the lies and deceit we have been under. He went onto explain that the hieroglyphics are a story a history of humanity thats been kept a secret.(several hours after her session she realized that the eagle and half human bird was horus)

My client was then taken from this scene again flying into space onto a red like planet ,on arrival there she noticed they were all humans, but felt a tenseness in the air and not a good feeling to the place. She noticed that they had a lot of technology ,spacecraft and ships with a large population . She thought the planet was named Zora I asked what it was like to live there ?” we are ruled and governed” was the reply by “the ones” he went onto say they look like us but have no emotions and stated that they were “dark” and they controlled the people with power and money. They had big powerful tech that manipulated people , he went on to say that they brainwashed their kind to be malevolent and had moved here and taken over. …It was important for them to maintain their bloodline. He said it was difficult to breath this air here, everything was restricted …too many rules …that their slaves .I asked if there was anyway for them to escape So himself a Father of 5 year old boy and husband to a Surgeon, an art teacher teaching abstract painting to adults. He explained that the ones try to find other planets to take over and control, that people are given assignments and orders which they then take over gradually. He stated that their laughs are sinister ,nasty, who punish torture and murder people. They the humans have to hide love, they cannot express love anymore and that their religion is to believe that they are the Gods(the ones)which is heavily indoctrinated into their belief systems. There are constant curfews with no one allowed out at night ,very limited social gatherings with only one child allowed per family. I asked if they had a Sun and Moon yes they do but are a very long way away. The average life expectancy here was 70 years of age. I asked if he believed in Spirit he laughed and stated yes he did and communicated with spirit especially whilst painting ,he enjoyed teaching people to paint as he felt it alleviated their pain and helped them forget about things here.

I asked if there were other beings that visited the planet yes there were but we arent allowed to disclose our living conditions to which I said they must know he replied yes, other races will intervene if needed. He then went onto explain about Earth and how she is under a blanket of darkness ,the murders the sacrifices ,the domination …this is all that the “ones ” know. I asked about Trump and he sated that yes he will break the cycle ,there may well be a breakdown but Trump will get re elected. He stated the people are waking up -the media will fall and the humans will rise again. Many souls(helpers) are strategically placed around the Earth and help bring in the light again. In the very near future there will be no need for cars or fossil fuels as as there will be other means of travel and free energy for mankind….we have an exiting future! .I asked why the technology has been suppressed ,its simply the ones who want to maintain their power and grip but are themselves now running around in chaos as their world falls apart. I asked if we can help their fall and demise but their negativity finds it hard to receive love, they have been heavily manipulated. She was then given personal advice for her questions about her personal life by her higher self ,some advice to remain open minded to remember who she is ,her strengths ,wisdom all lie within her and to trust in her abilities .

This was a special gift given to my client for a special birthday by her workmates xxx nothing quite like exploring your inner world and discovering more of who you are!!xxxx

The Great awakening

Interestingly this has been doing its rounds on social media recently and thought I should also share it with you .On the second picture note that qhht…oversoul…higher mind is mentioned­čśëxxx

My musings


So with all that’s going on at the moment I thought Id share some of my perspectives….

The world as I have come  see it  is a stage ,we are the directors, the writers and the actors of this great play that we call life. What Ive come to learn that through our many incarnations or experiences we come to learn our various lessons, some for our personal soul growth others for a bigger picture such as the collective consciousness,s lessons and all of its connected to the source, great spirit or god, just as our Celtic ancestors here on these Islands understood that everything was interconnected to this great spirit or annwfn.

I feel they recognised that nothing was separate….Taliesins poetry seems to hint at incarnation quite extensively. There then seems to have come a point that we moved away from this inter-connection to all things forgetting our true essence and our own innate wisdom and power which is all around us….giving it away… Whether we remember┬á or not in this now separate lifestyle that we especially in the West live by ultimately we┬á forgot, allowing power and greed to separate us.

Collectively┬á I believe we chose to go down this root of separation so that we could learn our lessons of playing the crooks, the healers the saints and the sinners….and believe me we all have…its taken me several years to confront and deal with these aspects of my soul…even though its ┬ánot in my now character as Alys …they were never the less a part of my bigger soul aspect….and forgiveness and┬á acceptance is vital for anyone to move on and see the bigger picture.

We do have to work on our issues, judgements of self and others ( no getting away from it)!! when others judge you is it something within them that they indeed need to look at? and also something that you may still be holding onto ? we are mirrors to one another after all.

Within our body we carry emotional memories which become blocks not only from this lifetime but from others, if theres an aspect that is blocked, you,ll feel pain and problems if not looked at. During hypnosis/reiki ┬áit can be released especially when we go back to its original source….(Very powerful) try it in meditation too….your body is your messenger. You really are that powerful and everything you need is within.

During this amnesia we have truly forgotten our true essence but now there is a huge shift on the planet as thousands are starting to question this illusion of separation of the main narrative we are deceived to be in….I do believe that we are stepping back into our personal sovereignty and its quite a time to be here!, but just as we all need to look at our personal stuff its also happening on the big stage….I do believe a lot will come to the surface…..but have it in the back of your head that we have played the good the bad and the ugly each one of us….

Our true history lies within our “junk dna”! just waiting to be re-discovered and explored. Mankind is taking a quantam leap ….

So just as was channelled in a gathering last year  these wise words were spoken..

“So if you can imagine the Sea and the fish haven’t explored a certain part of the Sea and you cant see the end of the Sea. You are the water , the fish, the Sea your all of that. The water expands beyond what you can see as is your consciousness…forever expanding”

“It will keep expanding ,going and going theres no end to it ,expanding out into the darkness. We are the darkness ,we are the light there is nothing to be scared of ”

Lets keep expanding together as we are unconditional love ,we are all in this together.