Hafan Deg Gathering 24/11/2019


Just a note to remind those that wish to come,next gathering will be held on 24th Nov.

For this gathering were planning on doing a group meditation and regression and making our own yule logs.

So you will need to bring yoga mat, blanket and your own log for decorating and a bite to eat or share.

Neuadd Mynach, Cwmtirmynach, Bala LL23 7EB



Please email me on qhhtnorthwales@outlook.com or phone 07532171961 for more details and to book a spot.

HafanDeg gathering blog 2/2


Ok so this is a continuation of the information we obtained from the HafanDeg gathering held October 2019.

So another question that was introduced as to what is happening to the marine animals such as the whales swimming up the Thames, because of the changes that are occurring they are disorientated as consciousness is expanding animals are going to become more aware and will become disorientated with that. He went on to say that he found it hard to speak in dual terms, they ,them, us etc etc!!. I asked him it must have been hard when he had his time here as Jesus,he stated it was a rollercoaster ride! You know what Ive done it so many times, gone back again thousands of times ,again and again. I wanted to go again as I wanted to be less famous because that’s not the message is it….to which I said having a Guru is not the message is it…no he said not at all and it irritates me.He stated I was crucified!! guys I wasn’t a pop star or anything! crucifixion stands for something, you breaking down who you really are…who you believe you are…its stands for that. I was crucified for things that weren’t even put out there, I wasn’t a perfect being. Ive played my so called (bad) characters lifetimes ,Im not an angel sat on some throne judging people!!!, you can come through my gates!!!.Even the word Jesus Christ has so much energy to it ,its so sad…Hes not saying that it hasn’t had a good effect on some people but … he prefers the Buddha outlook…its not got such a dogma and carries true meaning still. So I asked what is it about humans that we need to have a God like figure to look to?..to which he replied ,its because they don’t believe their worthy and don’t believe that they are God so they put somebody else in that position to feel worthy too, they,ve forgotten their own power. Quite funny really walk around Gods who don’t think their Gods!!!!Can you imagine that’s why you come here? to remember who you are?. A lifetime is gone in a blink of an eye, so quick. It literally is the same as getting on a rollercoaster ride, you get on ,exited and everything, you get off worse for wear, wow that was emotional!!! and want to get onto the next one!!!!. So I asked do things carry from lifetime to lifetime? Yes they do….but you work through it…its your choice to learn from them and work through them as you keep coming back learning over and over again until you understand it, but you’ve chosen that and that’s fine. Your an infinite being ,you can do it for millenia, what does it matter? there are no shoulds and shouldn’t. But you are now waking up and seeing it…took me a thousand years and that’s fine!!.

So I then asked whats happening in this immediate Universe and Earth now? in simple terms!!!so the reality of it all!!…so the reality of it is …your all just a single point of awareness, your like a firefly a tiny little light and the light of who we are fades in the silence, we are the silence so its just black, but that light is expanding into more silence and with that is just expression through physical life. So the light is so tiny and your expanding that light and we do it in a physical form. Its been done on other planets, its not just you doing it. Earth is itself like a firefly in your expansion and awareness, its tiny in comparison to the rest of the Universe you cannot comprehend. So your just focused on one tiny bit of expansion pushing out to the darkness to bring more light to it, with more conscious awareness of bringing in expansion to the silence of who you are. Its very difficult to put into and understandable way….so then If you can imagine the Sea and the fish haven’t explored a certain part of the Sea and you cant see the end of the sea. So you are the water ,the sea ,the fish, your all of that.The water expands beyond what you can see and has say bacteria in it that’s turning, so the line of fish that are pushing ,expanding their consciousness into the bacteria to make it grow. Thats whats happening, an expansion you cant imagine as a human. And Earth is like one fish out of the million of fish that are expanding their consciousness. So it will keep expanding, going and going , theres no end to it, expanding out to the darkness. We are the darkness, we are the light there is nothing to be scared of in the darkness its like a big duvet!!!a big marshmallow!!! your shadow is not a bad thing, its beautiful it holds you its like water for the fish, without the water the fish wouldn’t survive! so without the darkness you would not be light. So lets drop it!!! the whole scary thing!!all man made load of crap! nonsense, rubbish. I can reassure you there is nothing to be scared of as fear is just fear of itself its not real its just made up. How can you be fearful of yourself? I asked it was part of the game for awhile though? dark ages etc ,yes .Your in a movie, playing your role when you do leave your physical body and can expand into your consciousness as its easier you will laugh your head off at it all!!, its a bit like watching a soap! …its hilarious your playing a role… So I asked if its true that we can pop back into any of the lives we,ve lived? yes we can ,we certainly do in hypnosis sessions. Your having millions of lives now…hard to explain, all at the same time…he funnily said not to go into that too much now as it would bring the others out of trance!!…another time!!!

Its important for us all to be here now ,so being physical …lets say your in a car and you’ve got to go somewhere but you can walk ,but youll get there quicker in a car so to be in a physical body the expansion of consciousness is quicker so your here to quicken the expansion…it quickens things up being in a physical form. And that’s why the population here on earth now is large. So lets do this!!! we all want to do it cant wait!. Its exploration.. what will it expand to? yous will be flying around! he stated you do anyways when you astral project at night. As we become more and more of the light body yes we may be flying. Theres a good example a series  about a group of people that connected all across the world and that’s what it will become (Sense 8),as they consciously connected to each other and have an experience in another country, this is a good example of who we are and what we can do. Be anywhere we want to ,anytime!!!. So this is the same as having a mass simultaneous meditation ,as over the Earth there is a web and that the expansion would be enormous…I think Christ consciousness would be blown out of the bag!! he stated!!.Were creating a new consciousness level aren’t we…Christ consciousness has always been …you are there….whos famous now? …he stated…lets label it that!!!maybe a united consciousness? sounds much better!!! labels have got to stop…separation has got to stop.

I asked if there was any tips he wanted to share with us today, he stated were all being and doing right at the right time, your doing what your meant to be doing, and the main message to this group right now is to follow what their doing…follow that intuition and follow it…even if you feel that let you down, theres something else going on that your not seeing. So follow it and trust it and talk to people and tell them how you see things and that will help open the door for those people about how they feel. Allow space for people to express their emotions, show your honesty and the comfort you have with yourself as that’s what people need to see . And to have no expectations of others let them be who they are. Unconditional love gets very forgotten ,were all in this together.

Then someone else stepped in who wanted to speak who stated he was a being from another planet one of the Pleiades and he wanted to say thankyou to everyone as without us they wouldn’t be experiencing this expansion either. Someone from the group were encouraged to keep connecting to them that they hear them and that it is us your talking too, their expression of them is very appreciated. He explained the Pleiades star system is our sister, without Earth they would not exist as we are planets that have come from Earths expansion ,we were created through Earth. We are physical beings but our consciousness is  slightly different to yours as we have expanded in a different area, we don’t have technology like you, we use energy in a different way, something were trying to teach you ,the message is getting through. So I asked what this energy is for? he stated for anything healing, heating and much more.There is someone in this room that understands this ,who can write this down and talk to people. They are going to meet the right person that will help them with this ,and they will be experimenting with different ways of how to create energy without using fuels ,eco-friendly as you would say. A natural free energy. You are evolving to that point ,we are trying to assist you with that. As you assist us with understanding the mind as we are all great masters of the mind but you allow the mind to master you!!!. You need to reverse that as you are very powerful beings if you became masters of the mind. We appreciated you listening to our messages. You all have connections with the Pleiades ,one more than most whos had a recent life there and the connection still remains strong and we want to acknowledge that its true. They need to feel relaxed and comfortable about it and not feel like their making it up a very common human thing to think your making it up.

So then Jesus stepped in again and I asked what are the best attributes of humans from his perspective.. sense of humour and messing things up!!!!!…do not let go of humour that raises the vibration beyond what you think,do not lose it, thats what I really really love about being a human is the laughter. Love one another and thanks all for coming, feel good about being you. Your dreams will become more intense and youll know that things are going to happen and you’ve dreamt them and their going to happen ,your just becoming more aware and connected and its good, let it happen and be comfortable with that. Talk about your dreams with others ,its normal. He just wanted to say yous rock love you all ,just take that deep breath take in the love and remember you are love and that’s all that matters. Don’t forget to laugh!!….

So next gathering planned for Nov 24th 2019 ,get in touch for information qhhtnorthwales@outlook.com or its on the HafanDeg fb pagexxx




HafanDeg Gathering Blog information. Part 1.


So this is some of the information that came through from our last gathering in October. Myself and Amanda have been doing this now for several years although we had never met each other prior to qhht we do know each other from other times it turns out!, at first we started with qhht sessions which helped us understand the World  and the Universe a whole lot better…helping us understand our issues, where our problems came from etc etc.We never know who will come through we trust and receive the answers we need for the time…baby steps and all that!!!…so for the first time last gathering we did it  with an audience,a first for us but it didn’t disappoint.

We were told there was a good energy in the room between us all an energy that is needed now a jigsaw!!. We were told there are many waking up now and a bit lost and are unsure of who to talk to about it( door is open anytime here xx Alys xx)

So I asked how can we help those people and the advice given was for us to speak up a bit more …those of us who have gone through this, to gather together more, unfortunately theres  a great shame with anything spiritual ( a term they don’t like to use either/or myself for that matter!) a stigma from the past in many lifetimes  where people were pushed out of society for believing in more than a physical body, so now people are beginning to understand that the physical body is just a carriage to be here not actually who you are. Many are fearful to speak of this.

We went on to answer some of the peoples personal questions and queries within the gathering. Jesus stepped in at this point and has always been quite funny …nothing like you expect!!!!…We were told of some whom had a strong pink energy, others had come in as rainbow beings!! a gift of being able to switch energies /colours to suit the situation or person they are with, very adaptable, these people work well with kids…but he went on to say that he hates labels!!!! Another question that came through was how do we activate the leylines?,they are active we just need to connect to them and youll know the tools your supposed to use as youll be attracted to them. You don’t have to necessarily use tools just connecting with your intention will also work. More and more are being activated with the expansion its just a matter of connecting in. At this point he went on to say that we need to look after our trees ,that they are very important they hold a lot of wisdom and to be with them as often as we can they will share their wisdom with us, as they hold the wisdom of the Earth….the truth are in the trees. They should be more honoured than what they are and protected. There are trees here that are older than what you actually know and rocks are another good resource  so if you wanted to know about the earth and ancestors and practices they are also stable and come with a wealth of information. He stated we needed to ground ++,use earth energy to ground as we are here in a physical body ,that on its own is huge, you need to ground to the physical earth, and connect to it …remind people to use the Earths energy to help that she is emitting out to help us….its so important, nature, earth, trees, rocks,water  its all so important, connect to it all and you will connect to us so much easier, its like a circle…get into nature, get those socks and shoes off, get your feet into the mossy ground and water,doesn’t matter if you get wet or dirty or cold ,we have evolved into disconnection unfortunately. This is what the awakening is about …about BEing a being of Earth.

Another question that then came about was how we should be working with water… Water is powerful and can be imprinted  with whatever energies you intend.You can imprint it with whatever you want. So for example if your drinking a glass of water if you put the intention of healing into it, it will do so. I asked if it happens straight away yes ,  if you put the intent with  more time then it will be more powerful, the more effect it will have. Water is life and it is very important to recognise that and its power are phenomenal as without it we wouldn’t be here and it is literally like information that will affect all around you, for example when people are worried about flooding that’s an intention put into water to do so, the water takes on that information, changes its molecules, it changes its whole dynamics and that’s what will happen….see how they make you worried about flooding…you do it to yourselves!!!End the separation of them doing that to you! your doing it to yourself…..and that is a big part of awakening, recognising your responsibility to it all…….

I will leave you with this information for now,Part 2 coming soon, there was way  too much info for one  blog!!xxx



A qhht session about nature and more…



So this is another session that a client has kindly allowed me to share. Enjoy…

At the beginning of the session she was shown a beautiful location in nature with big tall trees ,crystal clear waters and beautiful plants where she could feel the high vibrational energy from this location,see beautiful colours and rainbow auras around the plants the stones and rocks. She was in awe of this place ,which felt  familiar to her somehow. She stated that this place gave her sacred knowledge and wisdom. She then sat with a tree and conversed with the tree…

She was told the powers of nature are very strong and we need to get that back into our lives, we need to connect back to nature the right way with good intentions and we can use that power and knowledge. We need to connect as much as we can its always there, to help us recharge and feel grounded. Nature needs us  to look after her too. The trees transmit energy back into the chakra roots of the earth and are a communication system who can share great wisdom with us. I asked what the best way to do this and we,ve to spend time with them, admire them for their beauty and “be” with them. Not everyone can feel their energy but its because of their vibrations being lower. Nature vibrates at a different frequency to say cities and charges all life forces. We need to appreciate it in its forms as everything intertwines and when its in harmony its a very powerful place to be.

I asked how we can help as people in those areas that aren’t in harmony , we can try and bring in new life to those places with the right intention ,with the right intention it will thrive. Humans have lost touch with this connection. I asked if our ancestors knew such as the Druids and our earlier ancestors the Celts in this part of the world she stated that yes they knew. She was told we need to teach man about the importance of natures vibrations to us which helps mother nature keep us as one to survive and thrive. We need to appreciate what we have here on Earth.

I then asked what the purpose of the grids are, its mother natures way of keeping us all connected to Earths pulse. There are some lines that are damaged by the disconnected man and greed. In those places we should create nature  with clean water and plants so that nature can thrive again to help raise the vibration…community gardens and such. My client was advised to change careers at this point and to go into conservation to help teach people. We need to join the grids and keep the flow alive again with nature, love and intention. She was told she lives on one of these grid lines and needs to learn to work with it.

I then asked about our waters which I was told carries information and wisdom also. Water also carries sacred information ,energy and memories which we need to learn how to access by understanding how water works as an energy force….just think this planet is 70% water!. Again we were told to have the right intention and vibration and clean energy can charge the water for new life. We can send the intention of love and healing into the water just as Emotos experiments have proven. Ancestrally think of our healing wells here in Wales and rest of the UK. We have to be at ONE for this to work, our vibrations need to be right, we have to feel this vibration. We need to step out of the ego and step into our soul/heart self. Many many people need to start doing this. We were told that the water also helps charge the grids, which can carry the intention to the grid….which is why my client lives in Wales now! She has this knowledge inside her from previous times. Water gives energy to the stones and helps transfer the vibrations to these stones (think Avebury). Quartz stones and rocks also help charge the energy grids and water. Excellent water sources are the yin waters ,waters from deep within the earth a very  powerful life force.

We then went onto ask about some of our old ancient texts here in Wales (Red book of Hergest and the Black book of Carmarthen) that yes they understood the balance of nature. I asked if all the information was there and was told that parts of it has been hidden for protection because of mans greed. This is sacred knowledge that only a few pure people will be allowed to know in the future. I then asked about Iolo Morgannwg about the legitimacy of his work ,and yes  he was bringing in spiritual knowledge from other dimensions.  I asked why the Oak Tree is important on this island especially to the Druids its because it is more deep rooted into Gaia. The Romansduring the invasion wanted to breakup the grids when they chopped the Oak trees on Ynys Mon for instance.

She was told one of her main purposes at this time is to help Gaia.We need to turn our Wi-Fi off in nature as it disturbs the vibration(again Ive been told this in numerous sessions) Our ancestors across the globe knew how important nature was to them and knew everything was inter-connected. We have been through a time that we lost that connection but we can change this individually by appreciating and going out to nature and reconnecting.



Healing for the future…

2018-01-02 16.04.52

So this is another extract of a qhht session that a client has kindly allowed me to share, all private matters kept confidential.

This client visited me for a session as she felt stagnation  in her life and felt stuck and wasn’t sure how to go about improving her situation.

Immediately on induction she felt powerful energies and could feel work happening to her head especially around the ears, eyes and heart. For me it is such a humbling experience to witness  people feel this overwhelming  feeling of love, acceptance and our true divine essence, words just don’t do justice…

She was introduced to her guides ,one being a horse and was told that she has an innate ability to communicate with animals and it is something in her future that she can enhance on if she so wishes. She has always felt out of place since she was a child here and never felt she fitted in, but  always felt at home in nature, her refuge. She like many can read people and energies in a room very easily and never understood why people are so cruel to one another….thankfully nowadays empathy is slowly being recognised and I believe taught in some countries.

It was explained to her how she needs to share this love that she has in her heart to others to help with her situation and not to become stagnant and to learn to flow. She was advised to meditate regularly ,to make time for it. She has a strong energy that she will be able to channel and help with, but we weren’t given anymore information on this and told to be patient and that it will unfold in time. Again she was advised to go into nature to ground and connect.

So the main health issues she had were vision (which immediately post hypnosis she noticed a big improvement) . It was said that she had vision impairment because they didn’t want her to be looking too far into the future!. The hypothyroidism she,d had was also to slow her down!, including the  fluid retention in her legs. Her  kidney problems were with her as it was an energetic imprint that she had received from her mum. So it was all fixed during her session as now she has important work to do with channeling energy. She was told to trust and believe in herself.

Another beautiful qhht session that I was honoured to facilitate xxx